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Guess what? If  you fail to…

  • share pertinent event details and changes,
  • provide accurate vendor names & contact information,
  • supply a point person to make timely decisions the day of the event,

Your end result will be exactly what you supplied each Vendor…

A disorganized mess.

So own it.

If sharing expectations ‘Post Event’ is your way of remedy – best of luck.

Stop the blame game.

You truly do reap what you sow.


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Sometimes a simple smile can do wonders.

Here’s the 411…

You have a Bride to Be client who’s in LOVE with balloons.

A design faux pas?   Possibly, yes.

A reminder of childhood parties involving creepy clowns?   Most definitely.

But what a perfect time to practice diplomacy, and keep your opinion under wraps.

If it makes her happy – then it’s a winner.

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You’ve asked your closest friends to stand for you on the big day.

They’re spread out all over the country, but excited to make the trek to celebrate!

So, why do you have to keep pushing the envelope, making crazy expensive demands?

Who has $500 to blow on a dress, shoes, and accessories that they’ll wear for 6 hours?

Rethink your requirements of Spray Tanning, Teeth Whitening, Weight Loss and a French Tip Pedicure.

Not everyone wants to be a Stepford Bridesmaid.

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Why do this to your guests, family, and most importantly…..the Bridal Party?

Do you really need to have your 3rd cousin Susie be a Bridesmaid?

It’s time to reign it in.

No guest wants to sit & watch 10 bridesmaids & groomsmen, 3 ringbearers, 6 flower girls, and THEN the Bride.

Not to mention the time wasted getting all of the ‘Bridal Party Shots’.

Just Say No.

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Many wedding gifts are steeped in tradition: kitchen appliances, dishes, linens.

So, when did it  become ok to add: cash, a tempurpedic bed, or plane tickets for the honeymoon?

In our opinion, it never has.

Have some self respect.

Guests are already paying to come to your wedding celebration.

They want to help you both begin your life together.

But that shouldn’t negatively affect their own finances.

Think before you create your wish list.

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Wow – when did this job become so ugly?

A coordinator really is an integral part of a seamless wedding day.

But as of late, it’s somehow morfed into a  ‘Do whatever I ask, NOW!’  kind of position.

Please note: No amount of money or future referral potential will allow us to degrade ourselves.

So no,  we won’t be replacing the toilet paper roll, cleaning up vomit, or helping your nephew into his monkey suit.

Those jobs are what family is all about.

We’re Professionals…not Chambermaids.

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