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You know, as an Industry Insider, you hear some crazy shit.

Here’s the Top 3 Overheard Bride Comments this Wedding Season.

{Please note that all comments were toward Bridesmaids – go figure?}


‘I cannot BELIEVE she wore the Full Body SPANX. She knows she’s not supposed to look better than me today.’

‘OMG – you didn’t get an eyebrow wax. Didn’t I send all of you to the spa this morning? Find some tweezers, stat.’

‘She looks like a whale in that dress. I told her to LOSE 20 pounds. She’s going to ruin all my wedding pictures.’


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Is it Murphy’s Law that 2 specific types of Brides are tunnel vision attracted to the Strapless gown?

First would be the fully endowed, chesty girl {who’s usually packing a bit of weight, let’s be honest}, and then there’s the girl that’s shaped like the an ironing board {aka flat chested}.

What’s funny, is their dress problems are the same. Both will need to continually pull at the top of their dress to keep it in play.

Though for very very different reasons.

Embrace all the other gorgeous options {and there are plenty}.

Straps, cap sleeves, two piece numbers = confidence + comfort.

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