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You’ve been awoken in the middle of the night.

THE IDEA has been handed to you.

You madly jot down the generalities, feeling flush about the possibilities.

You get up, and continue to embellish on the original thought.

You haven’t had this much creative juice in quite some time!

In the morning, you decide to put your brilliant idea to the test.

Time for the inaugural flight.

It fails miserably.

So naturally,

  • You tweak it. 
  • You brainstorm about it.
  • You ‘improve’ it.
  • You blah, blah, blah it.

It’s flaws stare at you. It’s presence continues to enter your dreams, without invitation.

It creates a fuss at the most awkward times.

Kick It To The Curb.

If it doesn’t work the first 3 times, it ain’t happening.

It may have felt life-altering when first stirring you from a deep sleep, but if it can’t take flight on it’s own, it will become dead weight.

Stop allowing it to faulter your creativity, and make you feel like a failure.

You know you’re full of it.

Good ideas, that is.


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