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Taking Pictures Before the Ceremony.

Who thought this one up?  Talk about ruining the surprise.

After planning your wedding for months {maybe years}, keeping certain details under wraps {especially the dress}, you decide to get some pictures ‘out of the way’ before the ceremony?

Talk about a complete let down.

A wedding is all about that moment. You know what it is. Everyone does.

The first look down the aisle.

The gasps of the guests and the groom.

Why, why, why…..do you feel the need to ruin this beautiful moment?

If you’re in that much of a rush to fit in ‘the photos’  – it’s seriously time to rethink your wedding day plan.

Yes, a timeline is important.

But so is natural flow, being in the moment.

Remember to have fun…capture those oooooh’s & aaaaah’s.

Not everything has to be scheduled or staged.


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