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If you really want cheap, do a search on Craigslist. Thank you.


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There’s nothing wrong with getting your feet wet.

Sort of trying on a role for size.

But guess what? Most of us aren’t here to just dabble, or be the flavor of the week.

We put our blood, sweat + tears {not to mention weekends} into every decision, strategic plan and sales meeting we hold. 

So, when you start to compare yourself to someone who RUNS an events industry business full-time, it’s gone TOO FAR.

That’s great that your husband or partner makes 6 figures, so you can spend oodles of cash on a fancy flash-heavy website.

But the real test is, do you have any level of business savvy, original ideas or salesmanship?  

Somehow we doubt your personality is a vibrant as your website and business cards.

This ain’t no semester group project for us honey.

We’re putting food on the table, empowering each other, and making a difference with clients & community.

We’ve also got something you’ll never have.  


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Be honest. Do you really take the time to build each other up?

This seems to be one of those ugly topics that nobody really wants to touch.

Cliques are everywhere. Face it.

So, check yourself.

Are you one of THOSE wedding vendors? You know…the kind that couldn’t be bothered to exchange pleasantries, let alone take the time to chat about the big event that’s about to happen?

The event where your client is one and the same?

These seem to be the same vendors that consider themselves truly refined, posh and definitely a cut above.

Sorry, but fancy pageant walking in the hallways at a large Wedding Show doesn’t scream high end.

Here’s the deal.

There’s nothing memorable about you, except the fact that you’re a first rate bitch.

Oh, and reality check……this isn’t fucking Gossip Girl.

You want to create a GREAT business reputation?  Treat people with respect, compassion and diplomacy.

Lose the judgmental facial expressions {they create premature wrinkles anyway}.

Remember that every single vendor that does business with your mutual client is someone that‘s worth your time.

When the lean times come {like right about now} – you’ll be happy that you made friends – instead of frenemies.

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As wedding vendors, we all deal with demanding clients at times – but when you throw in a completely unrealistic budget, mixed with a princess attitude, things can spiral downward fast.

Business isn’t something you want to turn away, but you also don’t want the ugly cry to rear its head while working the event.

So….. how do you filter out the clients that will drain you of all compassion?

Develop your Resentment Number.

This is the bare bones minimum $ amount that you’ll accept, and that will allow you to smile {cautiously}, and sleep at night. It could be based on a maximum or minimum number of hours you know it will take to plan, create or design for a specific type of event, or a flat rate.

If working with this type of client makes you want to ramp up your therapy sessions, change your phone number, or the real indicator, raise your prices……..you need to stick to your guns.

You don’t want to create a situation where you’re always in a foul mood, and your internal mind chatter is continually uttering, ‘Why did I accept this client? How much time, energy, anxiety and money am I losing working on this event?’

Don’t put yourself in any more situations where all you want to do is bang your head against the wall – repeatedly.

Trust your gut. But always have that Resentment Number in mind.

Best Advice?

  • Be confident and accountable to yourself.
  • Learn to read a situation for what it is.
  • Walk away if you feel your integrity or expertise is being challenged, and close the door on those not willing to at least meet your resentment number.

There really are plenty of fish {clients} in the sea {city}.

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Stop the Unsolicited Resumes.

It’s out of control.

Have you no shame?
If you can’t even bother to spell the name of the business properly, or research what it is we ACTUALLY do, then don’t hit send.

Also, spellcheck your resume, or even better, the actual email message.

And using cutesy adjectives, smiley faces, and exclamation points is NOT PROFESSIONAL.

Don’t even get us started on LOL. Whoever invented that acronym should be buried alive.

And here’s a big FYI.

Our ‘Contact Us’ page?

Yeah, it’s meant for Client Inquiries Only. That’s why the blank fields read:

  • Event Details
  • Budget
  • Services Requested
  • Contact Information

It’s not for you to use at free will.

Here’s a tip. Take a Business Class. Understand what it means to actually work each and every day as an entrepreneur. 

You may still be in college {or should be}, but guess what?

We aren’t. In fact, we graduated many years ago, and have continued to increase our IQs, and industry education.

So don’t inundate multiple vendors in a few short weeks. Word will spread, but it won’t be reputation you’re looking to grow.

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We’ve all been there.   Had a Snide Bride that completely broke the mold.

Took you aback from your daily routine, and threw you a major curve ball.

Many could easily appear on ‘When Animals Attack’, and feel that their behavior was justified. As a wedding vendor, you must be prepared with a recovery plan, the use of diplomacy, and the delicate art of c.y.a. 

You do not want to be viewed as weak, or as prey.

So, this week, enjoy these ‘Real Life’ stories of Lessons from the Wedding Trenches.

Vendors coming clean with the horrible situations that they lived through, the lessons learned, and the changes it created in how they do business.

Read these carefully – you’ll more than likely see yourself in each and every one.

If not, we can pretty much guarantee, one of these situations will happen………VERY SOON.

And just think? You’ll now know how to handle, tackle, or put a Snide Bride in their place.

It’s like a week of Wedding Industry PSA blog posts. Enjoy!

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We understand a Bride’s wish to save some dough, and get the best deal possible.

But a quick note of advice….You get what you pay for.

Do you want a professional planner so you can sleep at night and keep your sanity……. or,

Do you want to hire a hack based on a cheap price , who’s planning experience is that of a hobbyist?

We’re sure you can guess who will get the job done, and exceed even your crazy expectation level.

Remember the three R’s  :: Research {vendors}, Return {on investment}, Reality {check}.

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