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You so know this wedding guest.

She comes across as slightly overzealous at first, but seemingly harmless.

Yet, just as you’re knee deep in tabletop mayhem, she will appear at your side, to provide unsolicited guidance + opinion on the layout, décor and overall feel of the wedding design.

Didn’t she tell you?

She Just Got Married.

You didn’t get the memo?   Just Married Girl = Expert Wedding Designer.

Prepare to hear interjections like, ‘Don’t you think she’d want more candles near the buffet?’, or ‘Do you think she really wants the flowers to look like that?’, and the ever popular, ‘I did it a bit differently at my wedding.’

Wow, thanks for sharing. And just FYI – – – this ISN’T your wedding. The bride has chosen décor, flowers, food & entertainment to reflect HER taste + aesthetic.

When did this wedding gig turn into Sorority Rush?

And get ready. Because the conversation is about to change abruptly….she’s been waiting with baited breath to share with you this stunning revelation.

I’ve been thinking about starting my own wedding planning/coordination business.  Are you ever looking for an assistant?  Can you give me any pointers?  You must keep so busy!  What a dream job!!

Yeah, it’s a blast.

In her mind, you’re constantly reading wedding magazines, fawning over fabric samples, and going to killer cocktail parties to schmooze with the elite.

Let’s get real. That all sounds grand and some of it may very well be true. But, we all know that running a wedding business is not for the faint of heart, or those obsessed with fluff.

Clients don’t fall out of thin air, and wedding production isn’t about looking pretty in your dress.

So, how to let her down easy?

  • Be kind. We’ve all been at the beginning stage. No reason to squash her dream.
  • Answer a few simple questions if you can. You never want to burn a bridge.
  • Keep your professional distance. Give her your business card, but let her contact you.

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