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Stop the Unsolicited Resumes.

It’s out of control.

Have you no shame?
If you can’t even bother to spell the name of the business properly, or research what it is we ACTUALLY do, then don’t hit send.

Also, spellcheck your resume, or even better, the actual email message.

And using cutesy adjectives, smiley faces, and exclamation points is NOT PROFESSIONAL.

Don’t even get us started on LOL. Whoever invented that acronym should be buried alive.

And here’s a big FYI.

Our ‘Contact Us’ page?

Yeah, it’s meant for Client Inquiries Only. That’s why the blank fields read:

  • Event Details
  • Budget
  • Services Requested
  • Contact Information

It’s not for you to use at free will.

Here’s a tip. Take a Business Class. Understand what it means to actually work each and every day as an entrepreneur. 

You may still be in college {or should be}, but guess what?

We aren’t. In fact, we graduated many years ago, and have continued to increase our IQs, and industry education.

So don’t inundate multiple vendors in a few short weeks. Word will spread, but it won’t be reputation you’re looking to grow.


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