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OK, we just can’t take it anymore.

Whoever coined the term ‘Day of Coordination’ needs to shaken, not stirred.

It creates a false illusion of what is truly required to pull off a smoothly transitioned Wedding Day celebration.

Let’s think about this.

A wedding typically takes how long to plan? Let’s say 6 – 12 months.

But then the Bride wants to pay someone as little as possible {usually} to have them come in, Just for the Day, to pull it all together, and make it perfect?

Get Real.

Wedding Vendors are all about the relationships they build, with clients, staff, and amongst themselves.

We can’t absorb all the impressions, innuendos and details that you’re looking for – nor will we really get to know your personality, quirks or pet peeves – with one introductory phone call, a few emails, and a drive-by decor drop off date.

Rome wasn’t build in a day, and neither was your wedding.

Be Realistic. Hire a Professional. It’s one decision you’ll never regret.


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Every wedding has similarities. Those we wish to forget, others we hope to avoid, and a few we try to fix.

This week, you’ll be reintroduced to 3 guest characters, who’ll rear their ugly heads sometime during the celebratory day.

Having a game plan will help reduce the headache{s}, and allow you to come out injury free.

Guest #1 :: The Drunk

This guy {typically} seems to wait until the meal is over, dancing has begun, and you are in the observer role, waiting in the wings for the next task to tackle. With alcohol-fuelled confidence, he approaches. At first, he’s very friendly and harmless  – and then it seems, the inevitable ‘being hit on’ situation takes shape. Awkward.

So, how do you deal with this? Especially when you’re…

a) painfully sober, b) trying to maintain a professional distance from the wedding guests, and c) happily married?

Here’s a few tried and true ideas:

  • Stick in pairs. Remember, three’s a crowd. This will allow you to end the conversation quickly.
  • Don’t engage him. Sure, you can smile. But don’t keep answering questions, and encouraging banter.
  • Make up an emergency. That’s right – you’ve been granted permission to lie. ‘Cause getting away from this guy IS an emergency.

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